The Birmingham Theatre School

The Birmingham Theatre School's primary aim over the last 70 years has always been to train professional actors for the theatre and film industry. All our courses place the need for practical production based training as the highest priority. However, through a mixture of performance work, class and workshop study, along with individual tuition, we aim to provide all our students with the comprehensive package to equip them for working in the broader theatre industry. The Birmingham Theatre School works to the principle that its graduates are aware of most jobs that are available in a working theatre and are familiar with there practices.

The school has an active network of professional contacts in the region which provide students with invaluable experience. The school is associated with a number of professional production companies and also has a reputation as a production base in its own right. Our performance schedule is often demanding and it encourages students to experience a cross section of performance styles:

• Promenade
• Open Air
• Touring
• Proscenium Arch Theatre

are amongst some of the varied projects. Productions are often run accommodating students from more than one course. These are usually large scale performances which enable all participants to experience an epic theatre project.

All the productions offer the opportunity for students to demonstrate their prospective professional capabilities. However, at the end of each year the school's showcase and graduation productions enable each student to highlight their individual potential to prospective agents, directors and employers.

The main emphasis of each term's work is on the production project for that period and specific training is given to suit the needs of that project. This is backed up with work in the studio on specific techniques to supplement the technical acting skills needed.

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